Indian Head Massage

Come and learn the traditional indian head massage that has been practised by women in India for centuries and passed down from generation to generation.

How does it work?

In these demanding times there has never been so many stress related health problems. The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within the body. If you are feeling stressed, tension tends to accumulate in these areas, causing headaches, eye strain, painful neck and shoulders.

Indian head massage also know as Champissage work with strong and gentle moves together with aromatic essential oils to relieve built up pain and tension.

The introduction of ayurvedic element within the massage works on the three highest chakras or energy vortices.

Three chakras, the Throat – Vishuddha, Third Eye – Anja and Crown chakra – Sahasrara are involved in the treatment so balancing energy and emotional well-being too.

Your study will cover the anatomy of the areas treated, the traditional head massade techniques, the benefits of indian head massage, the after care, contra indications, understanding the benefits of essential oils that are used in this treatment, balancing the chakra centres and combining facial massage and natural skincare treatments.

This break will be combined with daily yoga or meditation sessions ideal for all levels of skill.

About Yvonne Rollinson

Yvonne is a qualified teacher and has lived in Alicante, Spain since 2000. She has been a successful full time practicioner for the last 12 years in holistic therapies and advanced skincare and rejuvenation. She is still practicing in clinics on the Costa Blanca, as well as at the retreat, which she has developed a centre for holistic practices, meditation, Qu Gong and now together with Susan Cantaliejo, yoga.

Combining yoga with the ancient practices if Champissage massage seemed an ideal marriage of interests for those who enjoy learning about Eastern philosophies and way of life. To learn this skill is to understand more of the Eastern culture and the ability to help family and friends enjoy a more stress free life.

A Typical Day

All meals taken in the retreat are included in the break. 

5 days and 4 nights stay

Your day will start with yoga or meditation


Working with indian head massage


Time to practice your massage techniques that you have learnt

An early evening workshop about related subjects


We like to show our guests some of the local area so there will be some trips out organized during your time with us.

At the end of your studies you will receive a certificate and will have reached a good level of profficiency.

* Airport transfers are available from Alicante/Elche airport.

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