Life’s Choices

Life’s Choices

Life's Choices

Two pictures, the same scene but portraying two different moods, two different energies. Every situation in our lives can be observed and dealt with in two different ways, the way we approach life can colour the outcome.  Thinking from the positive angle or the negative, that decision is entirely up to oneself.

We can make the choice to go through life without the sunshine in our actions and how we treat others, choosing the dark clouds that inevitably end in a rain storm, or put out our positive rays to the world and our fellow man, positivity and kindliness is like the pebbles in the pond, the ripples of love and optimism spread all around our planet.

This week has seen a massive negative action, not only to the people of Manchester, but the whole world.  With your smile and positivity, it is just the start of something much bigger.

We have a Mindful Meditation workshop on 3rd June at The Meditation Lodge Retreat from 10.30am-4.30pm, 20 Euros.

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