Mindful Meditation For A More Peaceful And Happy Life

Mindful Meditation For A More Peaceful And Happy Life

This week on the 12th April we held a workshop, the subject being “Mindful Meditation for a more peaceful and happy life”  it was a most successful day, with great feedback from the participants and we plan to hold many similar days in the future.

It was very gratifying to see everyone adopt a more serene and positive attitude as the day went along.

Positive attitude is something we all must try to adopt, it isn’t always easy in this stressful world with all that is going on all over the planet with the unknown dangers of terrorism to the future of Europe, or just our own personal ups and downs, but it is such an important influence on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Currently mental health has been brought to the forefront with the admission from the Princes Harry and William that they both have suffered anxiety and negative emotions over the last 20 years since losing their mother in shocking and tragic circumstances, and that eventually these emotions must be faced for a happy and well balanced emotional state.

Mindful Meditation can help us to calm inner anxiety and become a more strong and positive person.

Whilst walking towards the almond trees where I practise Tia Chi regularly my eyes were drawn to these loan red poppies, how bright and positively they shone out of the green shrubby hillside, the thought came to me that is how we must try and live our lives, trying to shine out with a positive and powerful energy, impressing those we meet every day, just as those poppies impressed me.

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