Relax, Release & Rebalance

Over many centuries meditation has been used to enable the mind to find clarity and the body to relax, now again in the 21st century, meditation and mindfulness have been recognised as a powerful tool to help us cope with the challenges of modern life.

Through daily practice of guided meditation and visualisation together with tai chi and yoga style exercise we have created a great and highly effective experience that leave all that stay with us feeling more positive, focused, refreshed and relaxed.

Mindfulness & Why It Can Help Us

Mindfulness involves paying attention on “the now” and not losing your connection with the present moment, missing out on what you are doing and how you are feeling, focusing your attention on the moment and accepting it without judgement. Mindfulness has now been examined scientifically and has been found to be the key element to happiness. The cultivation of mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism but most religions include some type of prayer or meditation to help shift the mind away from every day preoccupations that can lead to anxiety and develop a clearer perspective on life.

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An Intimate and Caring Approach

The Meditation Lodge Retreat offers an intimate and caring approach to finding a more serene and balanced way of life. No matter what age or occupation, whether you are working or a retiree, suffering from stress, anxiety, in recovery from addiction or just in need to some self- discovery and understanding, you will feel the benefit of time with us at the retreat.

A Beautiful Location in The Heart of Coastal Spain

Surrounded by countryside, hills and mountains close to the historical village of Busot yet only 15 minutes from El Campello and the beach and 20 minutes from the city of Alicante, the retreat is an ideal safe place to relax and take a break especially for the solo traveller.  We hold 2 night, 5 night and 7 night retreats.

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